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ANCIENT DION (30 km) The ancient city owes its name to the most important Macedonian sanctuary dedicated to Zeus (Dios, “of Zeus”). Among others, the most important monuments of the Archaeological Park of Dion are: the city walls of ancient Dion, the great ancient temple of Zeus, the temples of Demeter and Isis, the ancient theatres, the necropolis of Dion and the Archaeological Museum.

LEIVITHRA (20 km)  Leivithra was an ancient Macedonian city at the foot of Mount Olympus. This archaeological site includes: the ancient city of Leivithra, its acropolis, the cemetery and the Archaeological Park.

VERGINA (90 km) Vergina was the first capital of Macedon. It was there in 336 BC that Philip II was assassinated in the theatre and Alexander the Great was proclaimed king. The most important monuments you can visit are:
The Royal tombs, the palace, the theatre, the cemetery, the temple of Eukleia, the Acropolis and the city walls.